woodblock prints

My work is a fusion of natural elements, suspended objects, and fragmented forms. I build compositions that include reflections, shadows, colour, illumination and elements of nature and work towards the qualities of colour, light, transparency and luminosity.  



October Seventh                                                     August Twenty-Fifth                                            November Fifteenth


"Fascinating little nodes of journalism, Brenda Malkinson's letter-sized woodblock prints are beautiful...full of deep and subtle colour... "    

Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal.

July Twenty Eighth                      September Twenty Second       April Twenty Fourth.                March Nineteenth.                      July Sixth.                                      June Sixteenth


                         June Nineteenth                        April Second                               April First.                                      June Twenty Sixth.                            June Thirteenth


                Small Joys

                         after Japan


Small Joys 1                           Small Joys 2                         Small Joys 3

Heaven / Earth 2016

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