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The ARCHIVE page is a work in progress charting over forty-five years of my career as an artist.  Over time I will be adding more of my art history and images.  


In 1978 Hart Massey and John Flanders were traveling across Canada visiting artist studios. They visited me at a small, derelict second-floor the winter...with very little heat. Great conversations about craft ensued and as a result, they commissioned a stained glass window for the Massey Foundation and my work was published in the Craftsman's Way and on the cover of

The Book of Days.


In 2020 I created a new stained glass work for the exhibition, Making: a career in craft,  for the Alberta Craft Council.  This piece is inspired by the work I created for the Massey Foundation 42 years ago beautiful Fuchsia from my garden then and now.

Title:  Homage to the Fuchsia; Fuchsia magellanica versicolor

Size: 18” x 18”. (45cm x 45cm)

Size with base:  22” x 18” (55 cm x 45cm)

Media:  Stained glass, handmade rolled glass, hand painted vitrified enamels, zinc frame

©2022 by Brenda Malkinson 

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